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Part photography/part graphic design
Most of it begins with a photograph. Nature is my inspiration. The colors and textures and shapes of natural elements are so beautiful and moving. Order built from chaos.

But inside – on the wall, used as decoration…
I like to soften reality a bit. Break the image down to its most basic parts.  Make it intimate. Using digital filters, textures, masking and and a good bit of hand work (via digitizing tablet) the inner story gradually emerges.

Because I’m such a DIY mavin, I really wanted to sell my art the way I like to buy art. If you’re like me, you want your own touch to show in every part of your home. Finding a great thing at a great price is one of my favorite things to happen.  So offering my work as digital downloads just made sense.

Its been a juggling act for the last several months getting images finished and figuring out how to present the work. This is the start of a new creative phase and its still evolving so I hope you’ll visit regularly to check out what’s happening in the studio. The first batch of art prints in my Etsy store is mainly floral, bold and colorful, and hopefully, very smile inducing. My wish is that your mood is lifted a bit by these images.

If the thought of downloading and printing the art yourself is a little intimidating, I’m here to help.
For instructions and suggestions, check this page

Would you like a custom creation?

  • a work of art created from a cherished family photo?
  • or a custom graphic designed just for you?
  • a gift for someone special? 

I’ve been doing custom (and corporate) graphic design, illustration, and rendering for more years than I like to admit and really enjoy bringing someone else’s vision to life. Just contact me and let’s get your project started. Please start by filling out my quick contact form (click).

Thanks for your interest!  I look forward to your feedback, suggestions and comments.