Art Your Walls


Some scenarios… 

What is your style and budget?

As a graphic designer I’ve had good years and bad years in terms of income. That, combined with my (sort of compulsive) need to make stuff and tweak my surroundings, has led me to figure out ways to get the look I like by doing a lot of it myself and being pretty proactive in finding cheap ways to get what I want.

Because my house has to function as both home and studio, my style tends to be eclectic and driven by functionality over design. My interior decor is created around the way I use my space and built to work in spite of my worst habits. I like happy, inspirational colors surrounded by a backdrop of neutral furniture and wall colors. I actually fall into all three scenarios below.

Scenario 1:

You’ve been haunting flea markets and thrift stores for years finding cool stuff. Your frame collection is probably something like mine. This is a collection that rotates constantly. Frames from thrift stores, frames you ended up with from family members. I also have a collection of frames my sis made from scrap moulding at her frame shop.

Some of the frames are so beautiful, I just stick anything in the frame to create a gallery wall of small frames.  Or I print my art or photos on plain old color copy paper from Staples and don’t even bother with a mat. The butterfly print in the gold frame  is one of mine (not listed on Etsy yet), printed on plain heavy-weight paper on my Canon multi-function printer.  The frame is one my sis made from scrap moulding. The frame measures 10″ side to side and the print is only about 6″ x 6″.

You need to be able to pick and choose your art to go with the frame and size it to the frame. 

Scenario 2:

You are a regular at craft stores like Michaels and the craft sections at big box stores. You’re used to framing things up yourself or buying a frame and having the frame department or your local frame shop mat it for you. You take advantage of standard frame selections from the decor and craft sections of the big box stores. You need art that comes in standard frame sizes.

You’re probably trying to frame a memorable photo or need some artwork to fluff up a shelf or a table top gallery. 

Scenario 3:

You love finding cool art and taking it your local frame shop for custom framing.   Sometimes I get in over my head.  I thought I’d switch this picture out for my red tulip (shown here) but realized that because of the deep shadowbox frame and stand offs of mat and foamcore… well, I knew I didn’t have the tools or skills to do this one. Using the old frame, Michaels did the offset, layered matting for $60. The art itself is a 10″ x 10″ print from my printer (I’ve darkened the background of the tulip since).  You can find the tulip art in my Etsy shop here. The frame in this photo measures about 20″ square edge to edge. The dark mat coordinates with my wall (I let the framer suggest color options and this deep gold color relaxed the bold pop of the red the best).  The mat under the tulip print’s stand off matches the soft yellow in the center of the tulip print.

You love finding affordable decorative pieces but sometimes need to tweak them to match your decor. 

Well, here’s the good news!
Buying art via digital download or ordering prints online is the perfect way to get great looks for not much money!