Embracing Nuance

After years of working as a corporate graphic designer – designing within the style of the client’s brand – I’m finally letting myself kick back a little bit and focusing on fine art mediums.

My career has been all about coming up with new ideas and learning to use mediums and techniques to best communicate those ideas. The methods used to drive that type of creativity require openness and a big picture view point.  I decided last year to go into exploration mode and let my next phase develop. I’ve worked creatively in so many mediums that it’s been hard to focus on which one(s) are hobbies and which ones are worth being part of my business.

African Daisies photo with digital filters and handwork.

African Daisies photo with digital filters and handwork.

The Fatness of the Moon - Wall Art

“The Fatness of the Moon” digital painting

Small hammered copper dish

Small hammered copper dish made from recycled copper.

Small Pendant - Faceted Rutilated Quartz and copper in my Etsy shop

Small Pendant – Faceted Rutilated Quartz and copper

My fine art photography and digital painting is available on fineartamerica.com.  Click here to see, my galleries.   You can purchase right from this site. Artwork is available as printed on archival paper or canvas, or several other substrates and options.  Look under the Wall Art drop-down and then select framing or canvas wrapping right from that page.

Artwork is also available as greeting cards or spiral notebooks (on the cover) – look under the Stationary drop-down.  ….explore the various drop-down options to see what else!

Current Projects

Last year I got back to making handmade jewelry.
I restocked supplies, updated tools, and spent a lot of time learning new skills. Whereas my graphic design style is very clean and corporate, my fine art style is more bohemian and earthy. I like things that are obviously handmade and show the artist’s hand and the innate beauty of natural stone and aged metal.  The handmade jewelry has expanding into hammered copper dishes and decor. Its a noisy and messy craft but very fun and satisfying.

I’m reworking this site and incorporating a shop to consolidate everything, so that will be coming later in 2019.

Still working on DIY home decor projects and will be adding a section in the new site for tutorials and ideas related to that. But first things first. WHEW!