cropped-lunallena-header.pngEmbracing Nuance

After years of working as a corporate graphic designer – designing within the style of the client’s brand – I’m finally letting myself kick back a little bit. My career has been all about learning and using techniques and mediums to best visualize concepts and ideas. The methods used to drive that type of creativity require openness and a big picture view point.  So rather than set the GPS and go, my goal for this year (and probably next) is to explore and see what happens. To understand my methodology you have to glimpse into how I got here.


Starting as a pre-teen in the unfinished spare room of our house in Memphis, TN – I spent hours with my dad in his darkroom as he taught himself (and me) photography. We then moved to Nashville, TN where I spent a winter working in the family garage, helping him build a sailboat out of fiberglass.  Dad had a knack for building and learning… with me watching his process of self education in new techniques and processes.  So it was natural for me to never say no to learning a new technique. I have to know how everything is done.

Coca Cola trade-show booth – Circa late 1970’s while working at C. Henning Studios – Atlanta, GA

  • My first creative job (back in 1972) was for a department store in Jackson, TN – doing visual merchandising – a really fun job that required lots of imaginative prop building combined with crawling around and climbing ladders to assemble displays.
  • From there I went on to hard line retail illustration for a department store in  Louisville, Ky and then
  • theatrical lighting and set design for a small company with clients that included Kentucky Opera Association, and the Miami Ballet.
  • Then onward to Atlanta, GA where I managed the art department of a growing t-shirt company (Flash Graphic) in the late 1970’s (before computer technology took over the graphic design industry).
  • The next step was  trade show and event design in the late 1970’s/early 80’s, with C. Henning Studios, a small company that was Coca-Cola’s primary event designer.
  • In the 90’s I embraced digital design and moved into the corporate world as a marketing coordinator doing graphic design, project illustration/rendering, and eventually web design for architecture/interior design/engineering firms and manufacturing companies.
  • Add to that 13 years of (mainly D.I.Y.) renovation to a 1940’s country cottage (back in Nashville).

Current Projects

My years of photographic color separation and display design naturally led to the photo manipulation projects that you see here on this site and in my Etsy shop.  The images in the shop are available for digital download and I’ll be creating tutorials to help with printing, mounting, and framing for your home decor projects. There are so many projects in my head right now that its hard to stay focused in one direction.

  • Expect to see more of my art prints on Etsy as 2018 rolls by. Its a work-in-progress.
  • For web designers and graphic artists, there will also be backgrounds and textures going up in the shop.
  • I’m researching print-on-demand suppliers and the artwork will be soon be available as ready to hang pieces for folks that just want to buy it and hang it.

I hope you will enjoy exploring my site and will venture out to my AliciaHeymanStudio Etsy shop.

Thanks for your interest,