cropped-lunallena-header.pngEmbracing Nuance


The Journey to Somewhere

After 40 years working as a corporate graphic designer I’m finally letting myself kick back a little bit. After so many years of designing within the style of the client’s brand – I’m freeing myself to fine art. My career has been all about learning and updating styles and techniques to compete in the larger sphere. The methods used to drive that type of creativity require openness and a big picture view point.  So rather than set the GPS and go, my goal for this year (and probably next) is to explore and see what happens.


I’ve been manipulating photographic images to create a mix of photographed and hand created imagery since the ’70’s and early 80’s.  Working with high contrast film and hand cut masking to separate colors for screen printing t-shirts, I used a light table to hand cut masking combined with a stat camera or an enlarger equipped with lights to turn it into a camera.  The digital dark room makes that process so much fun. The added bonus is that my clothes are no longer stained with developing fluids.