Image Editing / Visualizations for project meetings

Visuals are the key to every modern form of communication.  From advertising, web banners, and marketing collateral to graphics and renderings for architectural/interior design/engineering planning and design project meetings – I use a combination of photo editing, vector and raster illustration techniques, and digital hand rendering (with a Wacom tablet) to alter photos or create photorealistic (or near realistic) renderings.

Architectural Project Visuals

Some of my most successful renderings were created by layering 3D models (usually SketchUp) or architectural drawings done by the project designer with site photos and hand rendered elements. Every project comes together a bit differently depending on the photos and drawings that are created during the conceptual design phases of the project.

Here are some examples of architectural renderings:

Johns Hopkins project composite-forwebsite
This is a montage of the existing conditions site photo, a hand rendered image (a tracing of the photo with the new project drawn in by the architect) and my own digital work to marry the two.  The final rendering (at top of image) is my compilation of the project visuals. This is a Gresham, Smith and Partners project rendered while I was part of their Nashville, TN staff. The Birmingham, AL and Nashville offices were involved in the project.

This rendering is a combination of an aerial photo provided by the client, layered with road planning sketches created by Gresham, Smith and Partner’s landplanning architect, and a good bit of hand rendering in Photoshop to create the near photo-realistic image. The rendering was key to getting approval of the new entrance route from neighborhood groups and hospital administration.

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