Rendering – Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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Final rendering of CTCA-Philadelphia facade graphics

The Challenge:before-image2
This was the firm’s 3rd CTCA project. The client had bought an older, white brick building, depicted in the small image above, to house their Philadelphia Clinic. The project scope included an interior renovation for re-use only and the addition of the covered walkway between the clinic and the MOB behind (middle, right in the images). No budget had been allotted to update the exterior face of the building. My initial project was to come up with variations on the mullion, trim and glass colors for the white building and roof, glass, mullion colors for the walkway.

CTCA has an upscale brand and, to me, it seemed like the project would be unfinished if a campus feeling was not created on the site. So I persuaded the project manager to give some thought to at least painting the exterior and he finally asked me to come up with some color ideas for the brick so that the client could see the impact the campus idea would make. I produced 17 different combinations including the different glass and mullion combinations….plus a bonus….

The Solution: …at the end of the exercise, I tossed in the painted (white line) graphics for the renovated building. Although the red brick painted option gave the building an updated look, I still felt that an opportunity was being missed. There was still no obvious visual connection to the M.O.B.

So I threw in several versions of the graphic white lines that made the MOB so distinctive. The one shown above was my reinterpretation (a sort of update) on the graphics. The same…but different.

The team loved it….and the client’s CEO was really excited about the new look.  The paint project was added to the project scope. 

Graphics/Boards for Publicity Event
We also produced a video walk-through and large format finish boards of the proposed clinic interiors for CTCA’s televised publicity event. I functioned as project coordinator for the video which we outsourced to a 3D rendering firm in China.  For the finish boards I photo-edited stills from the video.

Working with CTCA’s marketing director in Philadelphia, I outsourced the boards to a large format printer in Philly. Because of the time it took to render the 3D images to full resolution plus the China/USA time difference I suspected that the hours would most likely run out on us and it would become critical to eliminate shipping time from Nashville to Philadelphia. True to my instincts, the marketing director was picking them up the morning of the event.  The event went off perfectly and was a big hit.