Rendering – Clifton Avenue Bridge Replacement

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Alternative-A  Alternative-B    Alternative-C


My SketchUp model of wave rail shape


Engineer’s sketch of leaf design barrier


Engineer’s sketch of curve design rail


Supplied Sample photo of “vanilla” barrier







This was a fun but tedious project. I was given a photo of the site (the bridge), plus design sketches for the proposed pedestrian walkway and sample photos of the standard concrete barrier product. The county’s engineer had done sketches for the “leaf” walkway barrier with the intention of producing the concrete pieces himself, so he was really invested in the project.  My task was to render several options of the new pedestrian barrier and railing.

The roadway, trees and sky in these renderings are the actual site photo. The bridge railings and barrier were PhotoShopped in using an assortment of sketches and drawings. The walking girl came from an online image library source. To get the correct angles and curves for the railing designs I created several of the railings in SketchUP.

In the end I switched the barrier and the railings and gave the engineer 2 extra versions showing the combination I thought would look best. The client went with a variation on one of those options.