So…What’s the deal with gemstones, crystals, and minerals?

Ok, I’ve always loved rocks. Nature. The forces in and around this planet make really beautiful things happen.  The balance of construction and destruction is such an interesting topic (to me).  A curiosity about how planet has built itself and how events precipitate other events drives me into all kinds of fascinating directions.  Either that… or I’m easily entertained.

I knew early on that we control our own destiny by our willingness (or refusal) to be honest with and about ourselves and how we affect the world around us. 

I was 40 something, had worked through a disabling head injury (don’t ride a bicycle without a helmet) and was doing all right but stress management becomes critical when you are dealing with a head injury.  The atmosphere at work had become challenging because of prejudices and fear of something that none of us was comfortable with and nobody knew how to solve the problem without causing a bigger one. I started meditating again but couldn’t stay positively focused. The negative energy around me was overwhelming. So, I sort of instinctively starting wearing and carrying crystals and semi-precious gemstones, calling them my happy rocks. If a negative thought popped into my mind I would put my hand on my little bag of gemstones and the reminder of what they stood for would shift my thoughts to a more positive direction….like tying a string around your finger to remember something.

At first people I worked with thought it was sort of crazy. I had this silly little bag hanging from my belt. Ridiculous!  In a corporate environment?  But as my attitude visibly changed some people started asking if they could touch my happy rocks (I’m not kidding – actually happened). I usually said no, but explained the concept.  The idea of taking responsibility for your own attitudes and the effect your attitude has on others spread and enabled people in the office to solve the problem in a way that was positive for everyone. People realized they could make a choice between negative and positive thoughts and actions. It gave them access to happiness and strength that they had not realized they had.

Crystal healing is all about nuance and pushing yourself open to positive change while protecting yourself at the same time – from your own bad habits. From the traps you keep letting yourself fall into. From the ways you try to control others to achieve your own desires, irregardless of how it affects them.

Is it magic? I don’t think so.  The belief in magic is just the suspension of disbelief. To try to effect magic is to disrespect the needs and desires and freedoms of others.

Is it placebo effect? Maybe. Placebo effect is a known, powerful healing device.  It doesn’t matter if the gemstones actually heal or if the metaphysical language of symbols created around the stones becomes the thing that leads to realization of how to get and stay healthy. The result is positive either way.

The metaphysical symbolism of the crystals and minerals provides a language and reminder of your positive intent. That intent forms habits and actions that build your reality.  So the practice of positive intent, regardless of what tools you use to stay focused, is the most important thing.

When I make the jewelry I open my senses to the energy of the materials and use my design skills to enhance those energies and create a visual language. Design is a journey of discovery. It requires your full attention and a willingness to listen and speak in perfect balance.  I build each piece with positive, loving intent and when it goes to someone else, I let it go.

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